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Pressure Treated Decks are favored for a variety of reasons: Price is usually the driving factor for a wood deck. It has a natural appearance, its resistance to termites and rot resistance is well established, wood is a plentiful and renewable resource, and treated wood is the most economical choice.  Treated Lumber decks must be properly maintained and protected right away for it is prone to warping, cracking, peeling, cupping and splitting. Treated lumber decks are great if you are on a budget or looking for short term resale value. One option that is very popular with a treated deck is a low maintenance aluminum railing system with treated decking. Typically homeowners do not mind staining the decking but really do not enjoy staining the railing system.  Typically all treated lumber wood decks range from $20.00- $25.00 sq. ft.  plus permits and steps.

Pressure Treated Deck with Deckorator balusters
Wood deck with aluminum balusters










Capped Composites-  Usually the outer skin will be more colorful, have enhanced grain, be harder or more scratch resistant, have some sort of anti-microbial qualities or mildew resistance, and often UV resistance. Fiberon, Trex and Timber Tech have some good quality products in this category.  Capped composites are typically the best “bang for your buck” and look more natural than a solid PVC deck.  With a low maintenance railing to go with it,  composite decks can range $50-$55 sq. ft. Low maintenance decking may be a larger investment up front but you will never have to stain your decking again!

PVC Decking- Very low maintenance option. Even though PVC decking tends to be more expensive than all other materials, it pays for itself when you consider the cost of upkeep for other materials.  PVC decking does not contain toxic chemicals, it is an Earth friendly solution. PVC has increased durability as it is resistant to decay fungi and insects. Cellular’s tend to be lighter and easier to handle, strong and tidy and less likely to scratch or stain. PVC decking definitely looks less natural or more man-made.  PVC decking stays cooler to the feet and highly recommended for direct sun areas or around pools. We recommend Azek brand decking in this category. These decks can range $55-$65 sq. ft.

Cedar Decks will enhance the beauty of your property and will add value to your home.  Custom Pergola’s, Trellises and planter boxes go great with cedar. Cedar’s natural characteristics, dimensional stability, and ability to be withstand for a longer life makes it an excellent choice. Cedar is less likely to rot, warp, decay and is a natural bug repellent. It is also chemical free, but also requires staining to prolong the beauty. Cedar decks typically range from $25 – $35 sq. ft.

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Cedar Deck Idea













Hardwoods-  An eye-catching array of natural colors and patterns with lower maintenance. Hardwoods  lifetime exceeds cedar, pine, redwood, and some synthetic decking. It has excellent performance in extreme climates (hot / cold, wet / arid). Hardwoods are also chemical free.  At All Decked Out we have to be ethically responsible to help protect rain forests with this type of material and we make sure that the hardwoods used on decks, are sustainability harvested from well managed forests. Most have exotic-sounding names such as Massaranduba, jatoba, camara, tigerwood, and ipe. These decks run a little lower in the price than the cost of some high end composites but still require maintenance. No wood decking is 100 percent maintenance-free, but tropical hardwoods do come close.



Silica Stone Decks –  Stone decks? Yes. A stone deck can offer a low maintenance solution with a more natural look and it’s less expensive than a composite/PVC deck option. More and more people are growing tired of maintaining and rebuilding their wooden decks. Stain, Waterproof, Repeat.  It’s not very fun.  Every time you have to stain and water proof your wood deck, you are putting money into it that you will probably not get back in the future. But, what can you do? Get the Silca System. Silica System is a great solution that will enable you to take your ordinary deck and make it extraordinary!  It’s an American-made product, is ideal for applications where a wide variety of decking materials: stone, brick pavers, slate, travertine pavers, marble, granite can be used instead of decking. Because it is engineered for strength, this durable outdoor flooring makes your outdoor living experience long lasting and low maintenance deck.

Aluminum Decking

Aluminum does not contain iron, nor does it absorb water. It will not rust, rot nor crack. It is not susceptible to termites or pest infestation. While decks, railings and fences made of traditional products require regular scraping, sanding, painting and sealing, aluminum maintains its color and appearance for a lifetime. Aluminum also stays cool to the feet and often offers a dry space below your deck at no added cost. Aluminum Decks can range from the $60 sq.ft and up.










Whats New on the market?  Vault decking by Deckorators is one of a kind.


-We have CAD design software to help you visualize your deck before we start your project.

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 -Are you handy? We can frame, you finish. We don’t recommend doing a project without actual plans and permits.  Ask about Our DIY option for deck building. We also offer permit ready plans and CAD drawings starting as low as  $175.00.  

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