Under Deck Drainage

Under Deck Drainage Systems:

An elevated deck can be an added benefit. The space underneath your deck can be  turned into a dry usable space with the fraction of the cost of an actual roof structure.  With a DEK Drain system, the space under a raised deck can be transformed into a lively focal point with finished ceilings, lighting and other amenities. DEK Drain allows for additional living space at an affordable cost. These types of systems run around $12-$15 per sq. ft installed.



















Zip-UP Underdeck® finishes the underside of your deck providing dry, usable outdoor living space without sacrificing headroom or the beauty of your deck. The Zip-UP Underdeck System provides a washable mold resistant surface, while channeling any water from above to your gutter system.

  • Professionally Approved Product.
  • Meets Class A Fire Rating.
  • Saves Headroom in Tight Spaces.
  • Panels are Easy to Remove and Replace for Plumbing or Electrical Access.
  • Clean, Grid-free Look.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Stain, Mold, & Mildew Resistant.
  • Interlocking Design is Water-tight.
  • Paintable with Latex Paint
  • Hurricane Tested

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