At All Decked Out we are focusing on installing fences for clients to bring on a new fresh perspective in their backyard makeover.  We are specialist at building custom wooden fences, high quality vinyl, composite and decorative aluminum fences.  We also do KY Board fences for those clients that are budget minded. We use our skilled and experienced installers to ensure the project gets done right.  If you are searching for the lowest bid then we may not be the company for you.


Cincinnati Aluminum Fence
Aluminum Fence Install









Aluminum fences are an attractive ornamental fence with the classic look of wrought iron, and the low maintenance of aluminum. The added benefit of a Lifetime Limited Warranty provides the peace of mind in knowing your investment will last for years to come. This option has an initial higher price tag but in the long run you will save. These fences typically range $25-$35 per ft.

Aluminum Brands we install: Colonial, Specrail, or Ultra.

Kentucky Board Fence
Kentucky Board Fence








Kentucky 3 or 4 board style fences are the most popular style we install. This fence style is accepted by a majority of Home Owners Associations and is an economical choice. This fence style typically ranges $11-$14 per ft.


Cincinnati Privacy Fence Installer

Pressure treated fencing is an excellent option for privacy as it is made from the greatest renewable resource on the planet; what’s more, it’s the most economical for privacy. This option will need to be stained to protect your investment. This style of fence typically runs around $17-$20 per ft

Cincinnati Simtek Fence
Composite Fence









Composite Fences are getting more popular every year. Composite is low maintenance, Resistant to fading, resistant to warping and extremely durable.  Our top choices include: Timber Tech, Trex, Fiberon, and Simtek. These options can have a heavy upfront cost but in the long run will save you a lot.

Vinyl Fence
Vinyl Privacy Fence Cincinnati

Vinyl fencing… Like they say “wood is good but vinyl is final”. Vinyl fencing adds beauty and is very low maintenance. We Install Illusions and Bufftech high quality vinyl fencing. These types of fences typically start around $40 plus per ft.


Cedar Cap Top style fence
Cincinnati Privacy Fence







Cedar is a popular top choice for privacy fencing. Cedar will enhance the beauty of your property. Whether being used in a privacy setting or a decorative setting, its natural characteristics, dimensional stability, and ability to be withstand for a longer life makes it an excellent choice. To enhance longevity we recommend staining or this option will naturally turn grey.  Cedar Top Cap Privacy Fences typically run around $20-$24 per ft. Cedar can be installed vertical or horizontal as shown in photo’s below:






Fence Styles:

  • Aluminum
  • Kentucky Board
  • Split Rail
  • Composite
  • Custom Privacy
  • Aluminum Pool Fencing
  • Vinyl
  • Composite

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