Patio Base Options


When it comes to installing a patio it’s all about the base.


1. Gator Base is environmentally friendly, engineered to return water to the native soil due to the evacuation channels incorporated in the gator base. It will never leach chemicals or degrade in the native soil for over 100 years.  This is our preferred method of base install. Gator Base takes the place and weight of 5″ of crushed limestone with dust base.

Gator Base Unit

  • Equivalent to 288 lbs (130 kg) of crushed stone
  • Replaces 6 in (15 cm) of compacted crushed stone
  • Evacuates water through the channel
  • Manufactured using lightweight high-density polypropylene
  • Environment-friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Extremely durable, will not degrade in the ground
  • Designed with a tongue and groove system
  • Gator Base Insulation has an R-Value of 3.6 (per inch thickness)
  • Better Load Transfer
  • Will significantly reduce the number of freeze and thaw cycles


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2. Concrete Base Concrete base is another highly recommended option.  If you have an existing concrete patio we can do an “overlay” and use the concrete as a base. The existing concrete patio would need to be inspected by All Decked Out prior to making sure it could be used. From experience a concrete base patio’s way outlast the standard crushed limestone method. Just because you have a standard square patio, doesn’t mean we can’t add on or create new shapes. The options are endless. Concrete base patios can also be poured new and formed and shaped to your liking. If we pour a new concrete base we always anchor to the home, add footers to prevent settling and we prep the native soil.


















3. Aggregate Base– This method used to be the most popular option until the Gator Base made its way to the market.  This aggregate base method is ICPI approved and does take more labor to install.  This also means bringing in larger equipment to do the patio and soil removal off-site,  The aggregate base is 4″-6″ of crushed limestone with dust base and 1″ of bedding sand under the pavers.