Our Process

Customer Pre-Project Review and Preparation Checklist


Thank you for selecting All Decked Out to complete your upcoming project!  The following checklist was developed from our experience and our customer’s feedback as a helpful resource for you.

Please read it through carefully to prepare for the smooth implementation of your project and this tool will also help you stay informed as to what is happening throughout the project.


  1. After contacting our office (please leave a message if we don’t answer as we will call you back right away), we will set up a time to meet and discuss your project at the project location.
  2. During the estimate appointment we will collect a $45.00 consultation fee, we will discuss your needs, material options, budget and design. A detailed proposal and pricing is prepared along with estimated start date for you to review typically within one week of your initial appointment and emailed to you directly. Typically, we will also prepare rough sketch at this time if deemed necessary.  Up to (1) site visit and (1) revision is included in the consultation fee and (1) follow up phone call to go over the details of the proposal. The consultation fee is a no risk fee and it get applied towards your project.
  3. If, upon reviewing the proposal, you would like to proceed with the project then you can contact us to notify us of final materials selections. Before the final decision and pricing is completed, many clients like to visit our local distributors used by All Decked Out to make final decisions. You can then email or contact Joe or Jessica with your material selections to revise the proposal.
  4. Once you receive the final proposal, and decide to move forward with the project, we ask that you please review our warranty on our website, sign the proposal and email a scan to us or place in the mail along with any retainer deposit listed in your payment schedule section of your invoice. We do accept payments in form of cash, check, electronic check and credit card (both EC and CC payments must be paid through our electronic invoice and you must let us know if these are your [referred form of payment so we can set this up for you online prior to paying that way.  Also there is 3% processing fee for any amounts charged with a credit card.
  5. Once your proposal is submitted to us, accepted and signed we will get your project on our schedule. This is subject to change if approvals from zoning or building departments are delayed or weather delays the project.  Any delays in the start date will be communicated to you if they arise.
  6. If applicable, plans will be drawn up using a computer aided drafting program for homeowner to see the construction details prior to submitting to the building department. Homeowners are responsible for homeowner’s association approval and are urged to use the plan designs given to seek this approval.
  7. If applicable all permits and approvals through the zoning and building department will be completed as well by All Decked Out unless otherwise stated in the original proposal. Any changes after this point will result in change orders and subject to additional charges over and above the original proposal.
  8. On larger projects there may be a need for a pre-construction meeting to go over final details with you. This pre-construction meeting can also be requested by homeowner if they feel it necessary to start project.  At this meeting All Decked Out will collect another $45.00 consultation fee, but will be applied towards your project.
  9. All Decked Out will contact local utilities line marking services but homeowner would be responsible to mark all private lines such as sprinkler system placements, private electrical lines etc.
  10. If a separate material deposit is required prior to beginning project that will be due at least 1-2 weeks prior to start date so that materials can be ordered and set for delivery prior to start date. Homeowner will be asked if they have a preference regarding where materials can be dropped when they are delivered.
  11. Project begins. Homeowners are urged to keep back doors locked at all times during the building process to ensure safety of children and pets in the home while we are on site building.
  12. Typically, on decks there are two or three inspections required throughout the building process which may cause the crew working on your deck to wait for a county inspector to come out and complete. This process is completely handled by All Decked Out but it is good to be aware of so you understand the process.
  13. During the building phase the homeowner is encouraged to ask questions or address any concerns as they may arise regarding the project progressed. The crew foreman or project managers are two great resources to know you have for these questions.
  14. Upon completion of the project there will be a final walk through completed with you and an employee of All Decked Out (Foreman) to ensure that you review and sign off on the completed work. Final walk through time is an excellent time to ask any questions regarding framing, decking, railing or items you have had installed and also is the time in which you should inspect the project for any irregularities or errors that exist.  At this time all remaining balances will need be collected. You may give the project Foreman a check or request that we send you and online Invoice so you can pay online for your convenience. The owner of the company typically stops by to inspect the deck upon completion in case he sees any errors that you or the foreman may have missed and he will have the crew out to resolve issue immediately. We like our foreman to do the final walk through as these are managers of All Decked Out and they take pride in their work.
  15. Our work is covered under warranties so please make sure you take time to review the appropriate warranty on our site regarding your project. Your project is advertisement to our company!
  16. Please ensure also that you are aware of any product manufacturer warranties that you may need to registered for as well. Please contact joe@alldeckedout513.com for product warranty information.


Other Considerations –


DISCUSS PLANS WITH NEIGHBORS:  Think of others that may be affected by your plans as well.  Reviewing your project ahead of time with any applicable parties will reduce the chance of issues arising later.  Homeowners are completely responsible for placement of fences or other builds that can potentially be on a neighbor’s property or need approval through the HOA in your neighborhood.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Each city has its own regulations and code requirements for such items as decks, fences and other outdoor projects, your questions can be answered by calling All Decked Out or the planning and zoning offices for your local jurisdiction or looking online at the codes.  If you belong to an HOA, there may be additional restrictions concerning the style and type of materials used on your project.  At All Decked Out we allow you to choose whether you handle the permit process and if you choose to do so you are completely responsible for knowing and following all applicable laws and regulations.

Thank you once again for choosing All Decked Out.  Please contact our office if you have any questions.  513-886-7772 or email info@alldeckedout513.com